Landscape Design

Large Dead Fir Removal

Project Overview

n this project we removed 2 dead trees. One had been dead for 1 year and the second one, completely covered in ivy, was dead for over 5 years. We also removed dead wood from 6 additional fir trees on the property. We safely removed the trees, and the homeowner retained the trunk wood for fire wood


Tree Removal

One of 6 tall fir trees that we removed deadwood from. These branches needed to be rigged down carefully. Success!

The 2 large dead fir trees near the house

The top of the first dead fir tree. Notice that this tree was topped decades prior and grew 4 new tall tops. Always the job longer.

Ivy Tower

This old dead fir presented a nice challenge. It took about 2 hours to climb through the ivy to reach a safe place to top the tree. We needed to top the tree and chunk half of it down because it was to tall to fell in the short yard

After topping the dead fir. Now chunking it to a suitable height for felling