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At Wolfpack Tree Care, our ethos revolves around the profound impact of landscapes, viewing them not only for their visual appeal but also recognizing their capacity to benefit the environment in meaningful ways.

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Our Work

"Damien of Wolfpack Tree Service is knowledgeable about trees! He and crew not only work in a tidy, efficient and safe manner but also with an eye to beauty. Damien listens, advises and follows through with the skills of a true professional."

Rita Fiedler

Tree trimming & pruning

"Demian was super-knowledgeable about trees and when we told him what we were thinking he offered positive advice and suggestions without ever making me feel like he was trying to sell me on anything else. He was straightforward about pricing and gave update on the project as it was happening. I now have a "tree guy" if I ever need more work done! Thanks, Wolfpack Tree Service!"

Jacob Maraia

Tree stump grinding, Tree trimming & pruning, Tree removal

"Damien and Sam were nice and professional. They did a great job with trimming my arborvitae, a long stretch of them, as well as some other trees. They brought a wood chipper and cleaned everything up when they were done. I will definitely use Wolfpack Tree Service again."

Elaina Myers

Tree trimming & pruning