Landscape Design

Fruit Tree Pruning

Project Overview

Here we've pruned a couple of fruit trees. The pruning of the fruit trees serves many purposes. Funneling energy through fewer branches will make for larger and tastier fruit. Creating space in the tree by pruning will allow air to flow through the canopy, gifting all he leaves with more light, and air to reduce rot and encourage photosynthesis.

Look at all the suckers! This is like a hay stack. What happens if the tree is left this way, the cherries will be very small, less flavorful, and oftentimes there are so many tiny fruits in a cluster, that they rot before a human or even a squirrel can delight in the fruit.

After we've thinned this tree's suckers and some branches, the tree will produce slightly less fruit, the cherries will be considerably larger and tastier. There will be fewer cherries per cluster, which yields healthier fruit due to more sunlight and air.