Landscape Design

Creekside Clearing

Project overview:

This was a large property out territorial hwy. There was brush clearing and a Douglas Fir Removal. Our company has grown over the years from a one man operation with a tiny trailer to now a 2-4 man crew depending on the job, a custom dump truck, large trailer and articulated loader (better than skid steers as it does not tear up grass or land) for maneuvering large logs. It is such a pleasure to work with homeowners and their land, beautifying spaces, airing out woodlands, removing trees when they become a hazardous to the property.


Tree Removal

Brush Clearing

Douglas Fir Removal

This large Doug Fir was near the home.

Brush Removal

Clearing brush and opening up spaces can be a rejuvenating experience for the landowner and the foliage, giving space for more air and light can bring change to the small ecosystems created by smaller trees and brush. Many times in our fertile Willamette Valley, the growth can be overwhelming, the speed at which plants grow is astounding. A testament to the temperate climate, with both plentiful rainy season and the abundant sunny season.

Hauling away wood

This was a partial; as you can see we hauled away most of the wood for this project. However the home owners wanted to keep one large tree trunk. We are always willing to work with our clients to best suite their needs.

Birds Eye View

This is a neat perspective to see how we work. Our grounder helps coordinate the branches as they come down to the ground. He then drags the branches into an organized queue to be loaded into our chipper. All of the tree is broken down into different sections by size and shape and carefully considered how it will be moved or ultimately removed from the property. The methods are how we keep your property as clean as possible during our process.