Your Tree Care Expert and Advocate

With a deep-rooted passion for trees and a wealth of hands-on experience, Demian Reed is your go-to arborist for all your tree care needs in Eugene. As a dedicated urban and rural farmer since 2009, Demian has cultivated a profound understanding of trees, their growth patterns, and their interactions with the environment.

Having lived and worked around native trees for years, Demian possesses an intimate knowledge of the trees in the Eugene area. He understands how they thrive, how they respond to environmental factors like storms, and crucially, what kind of maintenance they require to stay healthy and vibrant.

Demian's journey to Eugene began in the southeastern United States, where he first delved into farming before his passion for trees led him to Oregon in 2016. Since then, he has been deeply involved in the local community, starting his own urban farm alongside his partner and son. When he's not tending to trees, Demian can be found working on his farm, raising animals, and nurturing a variety of vegetables.

For Demian, trees aren't just part of the landscape – they're living beings that deserve care and respect. He approaches every job with the goal of preserving the tree and ensuring it can thrive wherever it's planted. With Demian Reed on your side, you can trust that your trees and your property are in capable hands. Let Demian help you cultivate a healthier, greener environment for generations to come.

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Tailored Expertise

With years of experience in farming and arboriculture, I bring a wealth of knowledge to every job. I personally oversee all work, ensuring it's tailored to your specific tree care needs.

Local Insight

Having lived amongst and studied Eugene's native trees extensively, I possess a deep understanding of the local environment. This insight ensures that your trees receive care suited to their unique characteristics and surroundings.

Genuine Care

Trees hold a special place in my heart, and my work reflects this passion. I'm dedicated to ensuring the health and vitality of your trees, providing the care and attention they deserve.

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you choose my services, you're not just another client – you're a valued member of the community. I take the time to listen to your concerns and preferences, tailoring my approach to meet your specific needs.

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