The most common questions

What sets Garden Tree apart from other landscaping companies?
How does Garden Tree incorporate sustainability into its landscaping projects?
Can Garden Tree handle historical garden restoration projects?
How does Garden Tree work with clients to create personalized landscape designs?
Is Garden Tree available for smaller residential projects, or do you focus mainly on larger landscapes?
How does Garden Tree ensure the long-term health of the landscapes it creates?

"Our suburban community wanted a water-wise landscape, and Garden Tree delivered. They transformed our neighborhood into a vibrant, drought-tolerant showcase without sacrificing the beauty we cherish. The community now feels more connected, and we're proud to be water-efficient together!"

Sarah H.

Happy Homeowners

"Working with Garden Tree was an absolute pleasure. From the initial consultation to the final touches, their attention to detail and commitment to sustainable practices stood out. Our community park is now a haven for both residents and local wildlife – a true testament to their expertise in landscaping."

Emily W

Corporate Facilities Manager

"Garden Tree's educational campus greening project exceeded our expectations. The incorporation of edible gardens and interactive learning spaces has brought a new level of engagement to our students. Their commitment to environmental education shines through, making our campus a living classroom."

Dr. Michael T.

School Principal

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